Why NOT to Publish a Kindle Book

make money with a kindle book

If you need money NOW, publishing a Kindle book may not be the best thing for you.

As someone who offers Kindle related services, it’s no surprise that I feel there are benefits to publishing a Kindle book. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also admit that there are some downsides to publishing a Kindle book as well.

Below are the primary reasons not to publish a Kindle book.


1.  You need to make money and you need to make it NOW.

Granted, there are people making big bucks selling Kindle books. But as is the case with just about any type of endeavor, some people make it and some don’t. And those who make it — even the ones who appear to be overnight successes — likely put in a good amount of time and experienced their fair share of failure, before they attained even a small measure of success.

You can make money selling Kindle books, but unless you have other sources of income that can pay your bills while you’re waiting for your profits from Kindle books to come rolling in, it’s best to pursue more reliable sources of income, at least for the time being.

2. You don’t want to invest the time it would take to create and promote your Kindle book.

You can definitely outsource some of the work involved with creating a Kindle book. I’m actually a big fan of paying people to work in my own areas of weakness or on things that I just don’t like. But if you want your Kindle book to be a success, you need to be involved in the process, even if you pay others to help you as well.

Note that when I say you need time, I don’t mean that you need to have so much time on your hands that you don’t know what to do with yourself. In fact, most successful people are very busy people. But nothing of substance happens without an investment of time, so go into your project realistically, knowing that it’s going to take an investment of time.

3.  You have zero budget to invest in your Kindle book.

Publishing a book on Kindle is technically free. And you can indeed do it at zero cost. But if you don’t invest any money, it may be quite obvious to everyone that sets eyes on your book that it’s was done on the cheap. This can actually negatively impact your credibility, which is probably the opposite of what you’re shooting for as a result of publishing a Kindle book.

In terms of how much it costs to publish a book on Kindle, the range varies from free, to a few thousand dollars, depending on what you do yourself and what you pay others to do.

4. You hate marketing and don’t want to hire someone else to market your Kindle book for you.

It’s possible that you already have a great following, and won’t need to do a whole lot to promote your book. Even so, marketing is an important aspect of ensuring that a book — Kindle or print — is successful. There are many ways you can market your Kindle book, with my favorites being blogging and social media. Both of these are technically free, or at least cheap, but they take a lot of work. A hybrid approach of doing some work yourself and paying someone else to do some of the marketing for you may be the best way to go, but the bottom line is that unless you’re prepared to market your book, you can’t expect it to be a roaring success.

As is true with all things, publishing a Kindle book isn’t for everyone. Be sure to consider the following factors before taking the leap to Kindle publishing, if you want your book to be successful.

Your Turn:

Have you ever considered publishing a Kindle book? Or perhaps you’ve already published one. Either way, is there anything you’d add to my thoughts about why not to publish a Kindle book?


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