Pros and Cons of In-Person Networking Groups

iBlog Magazine by Rebecca Livermore
December 10, 2014

As a natural introvert, I’m a big fan of online networking, compared to in-person networking. But there are some benefits to in-person networking. In this post that I wrote for iBlog magazine, I go over both the pros and cons of joining in-person networking groups.

How to Use SlideShare to Market Your Book

The Future of Ink by Rebecca Livermore
December 9, 2014

In this post that I wrote for The Future of Ink, I provide a 3-part strategy for using SlideShare to promote your book. In short, the 3 points are:

#1: Create an Awesome Presentation Using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides

#2: Include a Call to Action to Buy Your Book

#3: Share the Presentation on Social Media and on Your Blog

You can view the details, images, and a sample presentation on the post that is published on The Future of Ink.


Why You Should Volunteer at Conferences

iBlog Magazine, by Rebecca Livermore
December 8, 2014

If you’re planning to attend any conferences in  2015, you might want to consider volunteering. This post that I wrote for iBlog Magazine provides some benefits of doing so.

In this video, UPS does a GREAT job promoting their brand without being salesy. Super cute and heartwarming. Enjoy!

Jenny Martin, of Southern Savers makes a full-time living as a blogger. In this video she shows how long it took to make her first $100, decisions that they had to make as a family in order to make it work, and the importance of hiring help to grow a blog.


There are some great tips in this video if you want to make money with your blog


How to Optimize ONE Image for All Your Social Media Platforms

Social Media Examiner

I have a confession to make: The different image dimensions for all of the social media platforms drives me a bit batty! Images are hugely important to use in social media, so you definitely don’t want to skimp on images.


But if you optimize an image for Facebook, for example, it won’t necessarily look good on the different social media platforms. For instance, some of the text may end up being cut off of the image on LinkedIn.

This post by Social Media Examiner provides some excellent tips on how to create ONE image that will work across the different platforms.


5 Ways to Get Feedback on Your Business

iBlog Magazine, by Rebecca Livermore
December 5, 2014

Being in business can be lonely at times, and it can be tough to make decisions on your own. Sometimes what we think is right, turns out to not be the best thing to do. That’s why it’s important to get feedback on your business from outside sources.

This post that I wrote for iBlog Magazine covers 5 ways to get feedback for your business.

“My Entrepreneurial Journey”

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I was thrilled to be interviewed by John Dumas, for his Entrepreneur on Fire podcast. This was a really great opportunity for me because John’s podcast is a top-rated, award winning podcast.

In this interview we talked about my journey as an entrepreneur, and especially about my struggle with impostor syndrome. I’ve received a lot of great feedback on the podcast from people who were inspired by my story, particularly from those who also struggle with impostor syndrome.

I’d like to encourage you to give this podcast a listen, particularly if you, too, sometimes struggle with self doubt.

Further Reading on Dealing with Fear and Insecurity


Is your site mobile friendly? Use this easy test to find out!

It’s no big surprise that it’s important for your site to be mobile friendly, but Google is making the necessity of that even more obvious. Coming soon there will be “mobile friendly” tags in search results that will indicate if a site is mobile friendly.

The great news is, here’s a site where you can test your site to see if it’s mobile friendly.

The Benefits of Using Mind Mapping Software

Mind maps are popular for several reasons, but here are a few of my favorite reasons to mind map.

The benefits of using mind mapping software

#1: Mind mapping saves a lot of time.

Instead of starting from scratch, you can create templates. For instance, as you are doing different tasks, you can use Freemind to create templates for the tasks, and those templates can be used time and time again each time a task needs to be completed. This is great not only for yourself, but also for others on your team who you may want to assign tasks to.