Monday Motivation: How to Balance Blogging Consistently with Real Life Priorities


In last week’s Monday Motivation, I talked about the importance of making up your mind to blog consistently. Among other things I covered the fact that nothing of value is accomplished without making a commitment and showing up to do the work regardless of whether you feel like it or not, and regardless of extenuating circumstances that may make it difficult.

How to balance blogging consistently with real life priorities

At the same time, I also mentioned that in different seasons of life, you may need to adjust your blogging commitments and expectations, and I want to delve a little deeper into that this week.

How to Hate Blogging in 4 Easy Steps


Today’s audio blog post is all about how to hate blogging. In fact, it is so easy to hate blogging that it can be done in four easy steps, and the best thing of all is that it comes totally naturally to a lot of people, which means that you don’t even have to work that hard at it!
how to hate blogging in 4 easy steps

If you want to hate blogging, here are the four easy steps you need to take:

Entrepreneurial Freedom with Jim Palmer [Podcast]


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On this episode of the Professional Content Creation Podcast, I interviewed Jim Palmer. I wanted to have him on the show because he is a person who beat all odds when starting his business. He tells his story so I won’t go too deep into it here except to say that the thing that propelled him into business was a 15-month period of unemployment.

As if unemployment in and of itself isn’t devastating enough, he also was hit with a medical diagnosis that no one wants to hear and it’s that dreaded word, “cancer.”

But as if often the case in life, adversity is what ultimately led him to success, and his story is an inspiring one that I know you’ll love to hear.

Monday Motivation: Make Up Your Mind to Blog Consistently


Today I want to talk to you about the importance of making up your mind. Every aspect of life that requires discipline won’t happen until you’ve made up your mind to do something. For example, you may say that you’re going to lose 20 pounds, or that you’ll exercise three times a week, or maybe you’re focused on more healthy eating. Or how about that debt that you need to pay off?

blog consistently

Achieving success in any of these matters requires making up your mind — determining that no matter what, you will do whatever it is. For instance, no matter what, you will go to the gym three times per week. If you have a “no matter what” type of focus, you won’t skip the trip to the gym just because it’s a cold and snowy day.

How Can I Read Kindle Books if I Don’t Have a Kindle?

When I recently released my first Kindle book, I had friends, family members, and readers who let me know that they would love to read my book, but couldn’t because they don’t have a Kindle. I can understand the confusion about this because after all, it seems logical that you would need a Kindle in order to read Kindle books.

How to read kindle books without a kindle

The great news is, against all logic, you can read Kindle books without owning a Kindle. Even better, apart from the cost of the actual books you purchase, unless you choose to purchase a Kindle device, all of the options for reading Kindle books are free.

Here are 3 ways to read Kindle books that you might want to try if you don’t have a Kindle device:

Guest Blogging the Right Way with Kristi Hines


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In this episode of The Professional Content Creation Podcast, I interviewed Kristi Hines on the topic of guest posting.  I wanted to interview Kristi on this topic because rumor has it that guest blogging is no longer effective. Some people actually say that guest blogging is not only ineffective, but can actually hurt you.

Since Kristi Hines is a top blogger and writes for multiple sites, I wanted to get her take on the guest blogging issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Guest blogging can be a good thing, but it depends on your goals, and why you are guest blogging
  • Guest blogging primarily for links back to your site (with the goal of increasing your search engine ranking) is a bad idea
  • The key is to put out quality content and guest post on quality sites
  • Here are some tips for those who want to get started with guest blogging:
    • Before approaching sites about guest blogging, first build up a good library of quality content on your own. blog. That enables you to build a portfolio, which you can use as samples that will help blog owners know whether or not your style and area of expertise is a good fit for their site.
    • Look for blogs that have an audience that will really care about what your business or blog are all about. Guest blogging doesn’t do any good if the sites you guest blog for aren’t a good fit for you.
  • It’s important to determine your goals for guest blogging and then use Google Analytics to make sure the guest blogging you do is helping you reach your goals.
    • Traffic to your blog in and of itself isn’t the most important goal, unless advertising is one of your primary income sources.
    • You can set up goals such as the contact form on your site to help you see which guest posts are helping you generate business. For instance, if you know that a person came from a guest post, filled out your contact form, and then became a customer, you would know that post helped to generate revenue for you.
  • Here are some things you should do after a guest post goes live:
    • Promote the post. The more traffic the post receives, the more likely the blog owner will want you to write more posts.
    • Respond to comments. It’s important to monitor the post for the first couple of weeks, since that is when most of the activity will be on the post.

guest blogging the right way


Thank Kristi for her awesome tips by clicking here < —-

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Monday Motivation: When it Comes to Content Marketing, Be Patient with Yourself!


Hello, and happy Monday, everyone! Yes, I did indeed say, “Happy Monday!” While a lot of people hate Mondays, I’m not one of them, and I don’t think you should be either. :) Here’s why: Monday is a great opportunity to start fresh. You have a whole week ahead of you just waiting to be lived, and while that can be daunting at times, it can also be exciting.

New to blogging? Be patient with yourself!

It’s always good to evaluate how you did the week before, but if you failed to meet your goals last week, don’t beat yourself up! Instead, view this week as a fresh opportunity to make a difference in your business and in the world around you.

Speaking of not beating yourself up, today’s Monday Motivation message is all about being patient with yourself when it comes to the content you create. In fact, that’s one of the most important things you can do when it comes to content marketing!

Today’s episode was inspired by Cliff Ravenscraft’s podcast episode 255 where he answered a question that one of his listeners asked and that is how to be consistent in producing podcasts while at the same time making sure that the content fits into the “can’t live without it” category.

Cliff told this guy to focus on consistently producing content during those first 90 days, and that most likely, during that time period, the content wouldn’t be that great. Around 90 days in, expect the content to improve, and at that point, once you’ve produced four pieces of content that fit into the “can’t live without” category, start promoting those four pieces of great content.

I loved this response because so often we get hung up on trying to produce great content to the degree that we never get started. In fact, so often we hear about how we should all create epic content, and even though I’ve been creating content for a long time, that can be intimidating for even me! After all, what is EPIC content?

Such a thought is even more intimidating if you’re just getting started with blogging or some other form of content creation, and that intimidation can really shut you down if you’re not careful.

So if you’re just now starting to produce a new type of content, whether that be written blog posts, audio, video, or some other type of content, focus primarily on consistency over the next 90 days.

Or perhaps you’ve been blogging for awhile but haven’t been consistent up to this point. If that describes you, set a goal regarding how much content you’ll create each week or month, and then focus on being consistent rather than stressing over how great the content is. I know that this approach will really free you up to ultimately become a better blogger.

Your Turn

What do you focus on most — consistency, or producing quality content? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the merits of one over the other, or how you manage to do both things well.

How a Messy Work Environment Hampers Blogging Creativity and Productivity

Look around your blogging space. What do you see? Do you have a place for everything and everything in its place?

why bloggers should clean up their work environment

A messy, disorganized workspace robs you of creative energy and is distracting. An organized work environment will open you mind and calm your spirit and allow you be more productive.

In some bloggers’ offices, everything may look fine on the outside, but you have to take a couple of steps backward when you open that closet to keep from being buried.

Others have a desk full of empty soda cans, stacks of paper, and perhaps an oil can used to quiet a squeaky chair three months ago that never made its way back home.

Whatever your “messy” problem is, follow these steps to clean up your act and get those blogging juices flowing.

1. Go beyond the surface and clean from the inside out.

Your closets may not literally be full of skeletons, but what secrets are they hiding? Clear

out storage closets, file cabinets, and drawers that filled with receipts, office supplies, and printed drafts that were never completed, Put this overflow into three boxes labeled, THROW AWAY, GIVE AWAY, and SAVE.

2. Clear off the top of your desk.

Now that you cleared out the hidden, work on what’s in plain sight. continue filling up your boxes with items on your desktop or possibly stacked up in piles on the floor. If a box gets full, close it up and start another. Keep going until everything is looking spic and span.

Your desktop doesn’t have to be completely spotless. It’s OK to place a family photo, a container of pens, or a stack of note pads on your desk, but probably less is better.

Keep things ship shape by starting or ending each day by clearing clutter off your desk and putting it away. Look around. Aren’t you feeling more inspired already?

3. Wipe away those virtual cobwebs.

Now its time to deal with accumulated bits and bytes. Go through your computer files and put them in folders. The ones that you want to deal with soon can be put into a “to do” folder on your desktop. Those that don’t require immediate attention, but you want to keep for the future, can be archived in folders on your hard drive. Label your folders with descriptive names that will enable you to find files quickly when needed.

It may take some time to organize your files into a system, but the time is not wasted. You’ll save yourself a ton of frustration and a lot of time searching for lost files.

4. Deal with those boxes.

Now that everything is back to order, it is time to take care of those boxes. The THROW AWAY box can be taken to the dumpster or the curb. The SAVE box probably has a lot that just didn’t belong in your workspace, but are still needed, like dishes, books, coats, etc.Put those things back in their proper space. Things that you want to keep close at hand will need to find a home and be put away.

Finally, take your GIVE AWAY box to the local charity thrift store or to a friend’s house.

Congratulate yourself. You’ll have created order from chaos and made a place where you can be your best.Now you’re ready to go back, sit at your desk, crank out some epic blog posts. If you’re like me, you will have new sense of creativity and productivity in fresh, organized working area.

Your Turn:

Have you found that having a clean work environment helps you be a more productive blogger, or do you think that messes enhance your creativity?

The Power of Focus with Leslie Samuel


audio_logo 300
Today I am DELIGHTED to have Leslie Samuel, of on the show.

One thing that I appreciate about Leslie the most is that he makes me laugh and truly brings joy to my day. At the same time, I get more than a big smile on my face when I listen to Leslie– I also learn things that positively impact my blog and help me increase the bottom line when it comes to income with my blog.

In this episode, among other things, we talked about how Leslie landed his dream job as a result of blogging. This was a job that in a traditional sense, he wasn’t qualified to do, but the quality of his content was so good that the powers that be looked beyond his lack of qualifications and selected him over the other job candidates.

Amazingly enough, his blog also gave him the opportunity to quit that dream job to spend more time with his family, so he is now blogging full time.

I hope this interview inspires you as much as it did me. Let’s go ahead and dive in!

The Power of Focus with Leslie Samuel

More specifically, here’s what we covered:

  • What gets Leslie up in the morning
  • How you can use content to change the world, inspire others – and make money doing it
  • The need for focus if you want to truly accomplish anything of value
  • How Leslie knew he was ready to take the plunge and quit his job to blog full time
  • What Leslie says to those who feel they don’t have time to blog
  • Why a blog isn’t a business
  • Whether you should focus on passion or profitability
  • The first things bloggers should do
  • And so much more. . .

 Key Takeaways

  • There are four main steps a new blogger should take:
    • Purchase a domain name
    • Get WordPress up and running
    • Start creating content
    • Determine what is going to be unique about you
  • Blogging frequency depends a lot on your niche and what your audience wants
    • Some niches such as coupon/deals niches require frequent posting
    • Daily posting in other niches may be overkill and may even burn out or overwhelm the readers and actually decrease engagement
  • When Leslie first decided to quit his job, he found himself running in a lot of different directions at the same time. It wasn’t until after he decided to focus that he really made progress.
  • Leslie knew that he was ready to take the plunge and quit his job not because he was making as much money as he needed, but because he was making some, and knew that if he was able to focus on just his blog, he could make up the difference in income.


If I want to accomplish something really significant, I need to focus more. [Tweet This]

A blog isn’t a business; it’s a platform. And you can monetize a platform. [Tweet This]

Get good guidance, learn from those doing well, and as you learn, take action. [Tweet This]

Items mentioned in this podcast:

Thank Leslie for his awesome tips by clicking here < —-

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Monday Motivation: The Golden Rule of Blogging


Today’s episode is an audio blog post and it’s something new that I’m trying, which I’m calling, “Monday Motivation.” A couple of years back, I started a mini-podcast call the Motivational Minute. It was a way for me to try out the podcasting thing. The truth of the matter is that at the time, I was being asked to do some podcast production work for one of my clients, and I hadn’t yet done any myself, so I started the Motivational Minute just to learn how to podcast without taking a ton of time.

Since then I’ve produced literally hundreds of podcast episodes (more for my clients than for me!), and so don’t really need the practice any longer, but I thought that I’d start a new version of the Motivational Minute and rename it “Monday Motivation” since we ll need some help being motivated sometimes!

Now here’s today’s episode, The Golden Rule of Blogging. I hope you enjoy it!

the golden rule of blogging

Today I want to talk to you about the importance of giving. One of my favorite Bible verses is Luke 6:38 which says,

If you give, you will receive. Your gift will return to you in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, and running over. Whatever measure you use in giving—large or small—it will be used to measure what is given back to you.

Sometimes we get so focused on trying to build a successful blog, we lose touch with the importance of helping others. While it’s natural to focus on what we want others to do for us, for some reason, we don’t as naturally think of what we can do to help others.

I have an example for you that is not related to blogging, but bear with me, because there is an application to blogging that I think you’ll appreciate.

I recently started publishing Kindle books.You can find them at A HUGE deal with Kindle books (or really anything on Amazon) is reviews. So of course I want people to review my books. When I went to grab the direct link for someone to review my book, since I was logged in to Amazon at the time, all of the books that I’ve purchased and have NOT reviewed came up.

Now think about this for a moment! Chances are that the authors of the books that I had not reviewed also wish that more people would review their books, and yet I hadn’t done it. At the moment that I realized that, I reviewed some items and plan to go back in and review more soon.

The bottom line is that we need to treat others the way that we want to be treated.

Now let’s bring this back around to blogging. Bloggers often want to get comments on their blog posts. But yet they don’t take the time to comment on other people’s blog posts. Bloggers often want people to share their content on social media and yet may not take the time to share other people’s content.

Obviously, if you want people to comment on your blog posts, you should be commenting on other people’s blog posts. I don’t necessarily mean that if George comments on your post that you have to in return comment on George’s blog post. I’m speaking in more general terms, and simply mean that we should be in the habit of doing for others what we want them to do for us. It’s not a keeping score thing, but more of a way of life.

The same is of course true about sharing content and anything else related to our blogs.

Now let’s shift the focus to blog readers.

Have you ever read a blog post that didn’t deliver on what the title promised? While I wouldn’t say that that would make me mad, it is disappointing when that happens.

Or what about a blog post that is so poorly written, it’s painful to read?

The lesson here is to make sure that the content you put out on your blog fits the criteria that you desire when you visit someone else’s blog.

The amazing thing about giving, and treating others in the same way that you yourself want to be treated is that especially when we do it with pure motives, we end up receiving far more than we ever could if our sole focus was on making money or achieving some other type of success.

So this week, think about how the content you create can bless and encourage others. And while you’re at it, go leave a few comments on blog posts and share ones that you feel are shareworthy. As you shift your focus from your own success to the success of others, you’ll not only bless others, you will in return receive a blessing yourself.