What Are Your Content Creation Fears?

When it comes to content creation, what are you afraid of? Do you worry that your writing isn’t good enough? Are you afraid that you’ll flake out before you really get your blog established? Do you think that you’ll never grow a following and that all of the time you’re spending on your blog is [...]

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What’s Up With ALL of the Photos?

Have you noticed all of the photos online everywhere lately? Not only is Pinterest one of the biggest crazes, but photos posted on Facebook also tend to get more engagement. I’ve always loved photos, but have never really done much with photos myself. But I think it is about time to change that! One of [...]

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What Does Your Blog Say About You?

I’ve been wanting to experiment with making infographics, so I’ve poked around online to see what options there are. I came across this fun one at Tagxedo and am reasonably pleased with what it picked up on mine. I’d love to see what your blog says about you! Feel free to do this yourself (it’s [...]

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The Power of a Focused Blog

Have you ever read a blog that was all over the place? You know, one that talked about puppies one day and how to write a business plan the next? While that may be an extreme example, the fact remains that the focus of some blogs is uncertain. Focused blogs are powerful, because people know [...]

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