006 Motivational Minute Audio: Balance Flexibility With Discipline in Your Blogging Efforts

Right click here to download the transcript. (And click on the play button above the photo to listen to the audio.)

I’m big on being consistent. In fact, consistency is a big part of success in most anything in life. For example, it’s important to be consistent in exercise if you want to get into shape. It’s important to put aside money in savings regularly if you want your savings account to grow, and it’s important to blog regularly if you want to increase the traffic to your site and grow a loyal following.

But sometimes you need to go with the flow, and change things up a bit.

As an example, I generally post these Motivational Minute audios every Monday. My thought on them is that I want to give people a bit of encouragement and motivation at the start of each new week.

But I just couldn’t seem to pull it together this week, and couldn’t think of anything to focus on for the Motivational Minute. Plus, I recently began treatment for TMJ and that has required, among other things, an appliance that I have to wear in my mouth 24/7 — and that makes me talk a little funny.  Between the two, I thought it best if I put off recording anything for a little while.

Interestingly enough, I had a great idea for a photo blog post so I decided to go to work on that, even though I was “supposed” to work on an audio instead.

A funny thing happened in the process — I got my photo blog post done, and then all of a sudden had an idea for the Motivational Minute — the importance of being flexible.

Now, instead of having one, or perhaps no posts done, I actually have two posts at least partially done and am a bit ahead of schedule for the week. Now granted, I’ve decided to reverse the order of my posts this week, because though I’m writing this “on time,” I haven’t yet actually recorded the audio.

Plus, it seems a little odd to speak and write on the importance of flexibility as I rigidly stick to my schedule, don’t you think?

Discipline in your blogging and content creation efforts is a great thing, and something I strongly recommend, but sometimes you just need to go with the flow.

The main thing is to keep moving, keep reaching toward your goals, but flex when it makes sense to do so or when you need a little change of pace.

Your Turn:

How rigidly do you stick to your blogging schedule? Have you managed to find the balance between consistency and flexibility? Share your thoughts below. I look forward to hearing from you!


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