Are You a Lazy Blogger?

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Lazy BloggerThere are all kinds of reasons why people fail at blogging. I recently ran a poll to find the reasons people have a hard time blogging consistently. Not surprisingly, the two most common reasons where:

#1 Not enough time to blog

#2 Not enough ideas for blog posts

I want to look specifically at reason #1 today – the time issue.

Let me first of all start off by admitting that I have failed at blogging, more than once. Each time, I had reasons (more accurately called “excuses”), and one of my reasons was that I just didn’t have enough time.

When I was still working full time, I told myself that when I quit my job to work from home full time, I’d have more time to blog. I figured it would take me a week to kind of get into the groove, but then I’d be whipping out those blog posts.

Two months into self-employment, my blog was in just as bad of shape as when I was working full time. Maybe even worse.

I was oh so busy, you know.

Let me say that yes, I was indeed busy. I had a lot of paying client work to do, and of course there is some validity to needing to do paying client work first, at least if you want to pay your bills.

But when it came right down to it:

I was a lazy blogger.

Here’s the deal. No one who knows me would call me lazy. In fact, they would be shocked to hear me call myself lazy and might even think that I was being too hard on myself. I’ve often had other people make excuses for my laziness (which when it comes down to it is not all that helpful!).

But one way to define lazy is doing what you want to do rather than what you need to do. I’m lazy if I do one type of work to give myself an excuse not to do another type of work – work that I really need to do, but may not feel like doing.

Once I came to terms with the fact that I did have enough time to blog consistently, and was simply lacking in discipline when it came to my blog, I knew that the next thing I needed to do was simply make up my mind to blog a set number of times per week.

You know, the old, “super glue my butt to the chair and write” kind of discipline. Discipline that isn’t dependent on having time, but that is dependent on commitment.

Do I still struggle with having enough time to blog consistently? Absolutely. But in spite of the struggle, since I made a commitment, I’ve been able to be consistent.

I can’t say whether or not your lack of blogging consistency is due to laziness. You may even have a hard time knowing the truth about yourself in that regard.

But what I do know is that some incredibly busy people find the time to blog consistently and through sheer determination and a solid commitment, I’m now one of those people as well.

Overcoming laziness when it comes to anything, including blogging, isn’t easy, but well worth it.

Your Turn

How do you feel about what I wrote above? Have you ever been, like me, a lazy blogger?  Do you think that people who claim to be too busy to blog consistently are just lazy bloggers or do you truly think they are truly too busy? If you find it hard to find the time to blog, what are some things you can change to free up more time to focus on your blog?

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Rebecca Livermore

Rebecca Livermore is a blogger and content manager. If you need help developing the blogging habit, she invites you to sign up for her free eCourse, 5 Secrets to Developing the Blogging Habit,or to connect with her on Facebook.


  • I agree, Rebecca, blogging is tough! As you say, making a commitment and sticking to it is key. It’s just like setting a habit for anything else we find challenging – eating well, exercise, etc.

    • Kim,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I agree that making a commitment and sticking with it is key. It’s simple, but not easy at times, is it?!

      Hope you have a great weekend, Kim!


  • You are so right. I post an “article” blogpost every week and often I write it under stress and press because of my own deadline. But now I have taken a whole day for my blogging and have premade embryos of many articles that I can easily finish and post at time later on – feels sooo good.

    • Annika,

      I think you hit on a couple of important points here. First, the issue of writing under stress. Balancing the commitment to post regularly while still enjoying the process can be tricky!

      I think it’s great that you blocked out a whole day to write blog posts. I think doing that, and having several at least partly written posts ready to go is a great way to do it.

      I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment, Annika, and hope to see you again. Have a great weekend!


  • I am in the thick of blogger’s block right now…
    There is no lack of ideas…
    If i’m truthful no lack of time, though the birth of a gorgeous new grandson, and other things means I’m busier…

    No, it must have a case of lazyitis.

    Yet i wonder why now when writing is such a pleasure?
    Why now do i avoid one of the things from which I get such satisfaction.

    I don’t have a huge readership and yet when i push that button and find my words are being read all over the world whether by accident or by design I am thrilled…

    The thought has fluttered by that perhaps its time for a change… perhaps something more chatty more journal like hmmm!

    I wonder????
    But the longer i leave it the worse it gets…

    I am writing this as a comment on your blog Rebecca but
    the care I’m taking with it reminds me of the care I employ in writing for my own blog and the thought occurs to me … cut and paste this to my own blog and break the blockage wide open…
    Surely it cannot be as simple as that??? can it??? thanks Rebecca

    • Wow, Denise, what an awesome comment! I’m sorry that it took so long for me to respond; it wound up in my spam folder for some reason, and I just took at look at what was in there today. Eeks!

      I really appreciate you sharing your heart and current experience (and btw, congrats on that new grandson!).

      I would say that YES, it can be as simple as you wrote above — I think sometimes we get blocked when we’re trying to write “awesome” content. Sure, we want our content to be great, and we sure don’t want to put shoddy work out there, but I think sometimes we just need to write as if we’re writing an email to a friend or writing in our journal. That removes the big intimidation factor. Sure, before publishing you may want to clean it up a bit, and remove anything you don’t particularly want published publicly, but it may be just what you need to break the block and get writing.

      Can’t wait to see what you can come up with!



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