Video Tutorial: How to Make a Video Using PowerPoint 2010

For a long time I avoided video, and truth be told, I’m just now dipping my toe into the stream, getting a little feel for how to create videos. Quite frankly, videos are a bit out of my comfort zone, and yet they are a very important aspect of content creation, since many people enjoy media that is more visual in nature.

I’ve long been a fan of screencasts, because I tend to like tutorials which are often done via screencasts. Keeping with my love of teaching, a next natural progression in video for me is learning how to create videos using PowerPoint.

Videos created with PowerPoint appeal to me for a couple of reasons. First off, as is true with screencasts, videos made with PowerPoint are a great teaching tool. At my heart, not only am I a writer and content creator, in the deepest part of me I am a teacher. So of course I’m naturally drawn to learning how to create content in a way that teaches.

Secondly, I love using tools and programs that most people have, and while not everyone has PowerPoint, many people do, since it is often bundled with other Microsoft Office programs. Many people get hung up on feeling like they need to spend a ton of money and learn a lot of complicated programs in order to create content. While expensive and complicated programs abound, and truth be told, have their place, a lot of great content can be created using what we already have.

This video tutorial shows you the very basics, the first steps in creating a video using PowerPoint 2010. It’s intended for those who perhaps don’t even know that you can create a video using PowerPoint, or who think that it requires a special program, or is complicated. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, in the simplest form, you can create a video using PowerPoint with the click of a button. This video will teach you how to do just that.

Your Turn:

Leave me a comment below to let me know about your experience with creating videos. Have you create any videos yet? If so, what have you used? If not, what has held you back from creating videos? After watching this video, do you feel like you could create a video using PowerPoint 2010?

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