Content Marketing from Your Customer’s Perspective

Content from a customer's perspective

Our perspective skews the way we see things. If we’re not careful, the content we create as business owners will be written from our perspective rather than from the perspective of our customers.

I recently went through a tough time with a client. I shared about the situation with some of my family members.

The other day at a lunch out, my young-adult son said, something about the “problem client.”

One thing that struck me is that it’s highly possible that this client has shared about the problem with her family or close friends. And no doubt, she told the story a little, or a lot differently.

When it comes down to it, we all view things from our own perspective, and what we think is true, right, and valid may be different than what our customers view as true, right and valid.

The lesson here for content marketers is that when it comes to the content we create, the way it will be viewed is all a matter of perspective, and since we’re creating content not for ourselves, but for the people who will consume it, it’s incredibly important to keep the perspective of our audience in mind.

What this means is that the focus of our content shouldn’t be about how wonderful we are, but should instead focus on solving the problems and meeting the needs of our audience. So the next time you create a piece of content, whether that be a blog post, video, slideshow, newsletter, or something else, give serious thought to the perspective of your audience, and make sure it focuses more on what they need, rather than on what you want.


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