How to Get Back on Track with Content Marketing

How to get back on track with blogging
How to get back on track with blogging

We all get off track sometimes, but when it comes to blogging or anything else, you don’t have to stay off track for long.

You’ve made a commitment to create content regularly. But then life happened. Maybe you had some type of family emergency, maybe you got slammed with work that was too good to turn down, or perhaps you had an unexpected surgery.

I’ve recently had this happen to me, and my once stellar record of blogging and podcasting regularly, is somewhat tarnished. What caused me to move into survival mode and put content creation aside for a couple of weeks doesn’t matter. The main thing is that now that it happened, what should I do?

Here are a few things that I’ve had to tell myself in this time of content marketing “failure.”

1. It’s not the end of the world if you’ve gotten off track with blogging.

Does it bother me that I haven’t published a blog post or podcast episode for few weeks? Absolutely. But will it be the end of my content marketing success? No, not at all. While not ideal, a short hiatus from creating content is survivable.

2. Get back on track with your content creation sooner rather than later.

Have you ever noticed how the longer you miss something like exercise, the harder it is to get started again? The same is true with content creation. While I truly couldn’t bring myself to create content for the last couple of weeks, right now I’m on a flight, and have time to write some blog posts. While I won’t be able to post this until I arrive home, at least I’m getting it written, which will be enough to get me unstuck. I may even be able to write a few blog posts during my travels which will enable me to work ahead a bit.

3. Evaluate what caused you to get off track.

Stop to think for a minute about what led to you getting off track. Was it something that you can anticipate happening again on a regular basis? For instance, maybe it was a busy season for your business, or perhaps it was the start of sports season for one of your kids. Maybe you suffer from seasonal depression and find it harder to be productive in the winter.

If the situation is a recurring one, mark on your calendar when it will happen again. It’s probably best to put it on your calendar for at least a month before it will likely occur. Then, when it pops up on your calendar, you’ll know that you need to work ahead.

Write blog posts ahead of time.

In the same way that storing up food is a great way to avoid starvation, storing up content is a great way to post consistently even when life gets crazy.

4. Work ahead on your content.

The idea that we need to work ahead on our content is nothing new. It’s suggested over and over again. But it’s one thing to know that we should do it and quite another thing to actually do it. But now that you’re back on track, consider creating even just one extra piece of content each week. It may be one extra blog post, one extra podcast episode, a quick video, or whatever strikes your fancy. If the content is evergreen, you can put it into a “when life happens” folder and save it for such an occasion. If the content is more time sensitive, you can go ahead and schedule it for the next week or two, but keep working on more fresh content.

The bottom line is that we’re all human. We all mess up sometimes, or have things happen that are beyond our control. Whether or not you had any control over your circumstances, get up, brush yourself off, and start again.

Your Turn

How do you stay on track with blogging, and what do you do when you get off track?

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  • Great post and very timely – I had gotten a little off track but you are so right, sometimes it is not the end of the world and in this case it was worth it as it helped me to evaluate what direction my blog was going in and now I am pivoting it. But these tips are great for keeping on track now!

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