Content Archive: Resurrecting Those Unfinished Thoughts for Killer Content

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How many half written blog posts do you think there might be crammed into this briefcase?

If you’re anything like me, ideas for great content come to you at some of the most inopportune times. You might be driving down the road, taking a shower, working at the office or any number of other places that completely hinder your ability to sit down and put your thoughts to paper. It happens to me all the time. Some of my best ideas seem to come at the worst possible time.

To make sure that the thought doesn’t completely escape me, I try and jot down the subject and a few notes so that I can come back and finish it later. I’ve even been known to copy entire paragraphs out of a document I’m writing to elaborate on it in more detail at a different time. The problem is, far too often I don’t.

Instead of coming back and expounding on those great ideas, most of the time I sit down and try and drum up new ones, starting the cycle all over again. I end up with tons of unfinished, half written articles and sticky notes with titles and bullet points floating around my desk, email inbox and my computers’ hard drive.

Just the other day while going through old posts on my website I discovered several blog posts that I started and apparently never came back to finish. One in particular was finished and merely in need of proofing and it would be complete.

This got me thinking of all the places I have ideas for great content just sitting, waiting for me to come back to. I’m not just talking about unfinished blogs but files on my computer, notes I scribbled down on the inside of book flaps, and other material that I’ve been holding onto with the intent of writing future articles about.

I’ve actually been carrying around a file with workshop notes from a presentation by leadership speaker Mark Sanborn for almost two years. Every once in a while I thumb through the pages and think to myself, “Man, there is great stuff in here that I need to elaborate on more.” And I close it up reasoning that I’ll come back to it when I have more time.

blog post ideas ideas

Most likely, you already have a ton of blog post ideas, just waiting to be written.

Coming up with ideas for fresh and meaningful content can be a challenge but if you’ve been writing for any amount of time, chances are petty good you have quite a bit of unfinished material right under your nose.

The next time you’re having trouble coming up with a new blog post idea, take a few minutes and dig into that content archive. You might just be surprised by what you find.

Your Turn

Can you relate? Do you have a few places that you tend to store unfinished articles or ideas for future ones that you seem to just never get back to?

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