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004 Monday’s Motivational Minute Audio: Give Yourself 90 Days to Produce Great Content

Hello and welcome to Professional Content Creation’s Monday Motivational Minute. I’m your host, Rebecca Livermore, bringing you a short word of encouragement every Monday to get your week off to a bright start. Transcript: Today’s episode was inspired by Cliff Ravenscraft’s podcast episode 255 where he answered a question that one of his listeners asked […]

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How to feed your blogging soul

How to Feed Your Blogging Soul

Have you ever thought about what it means to feed your blogging soul? That’s what’s on my mind tonight, because I’m. . . tired. And based on my own schedule that I’ve set for my blog, I have a blog post due first thing in the morning, which means that ideally I’ll get it written, […]

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Responding properly to the criticism of your blog isn't always easy.

How to Handle the Criticism of Your Blog

Anyone who has blogged for any length of time has no doubt been criticized, publicly, privately, or both. Let’s face it; we all prefer to be praised rather than criticized, but how we respond to criticism goes a long way in our success as bloggers. Tips for Handling the Criticism of Your Blog   1.  […]

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