How Writing Books Has Changed My Life

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I’ve always loved to write, but until recently, I never really wanted to write books. I felt that I didn’t have enough to say to fill up a whole book, and that if I wrote one, I would be doing it just to write a book, not because I really should. Or at least that’s…

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How to Link Your Kindle and Print Book on Amazon

how to link your kindle and print book on amazon2

This morning in one of the Kindle Facebook groups that I’m in, someone asked how to link your Kindle and print book on Amazon. In addition to answering his question, I thought I’d write a quick blog post in case any of my readers have the same question.   This is a great question, because…

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How Can I Read Kindle Books if I Don’t Have a Kindle?

How to read kindle books without a kindle

When I recently released my first Kindle book, I had friends, family members, and readers who let me know that they would love to read my book, but couldn’t because they don’t have a Kindle. I can understand the confusion about this because after all, it seems logical that you would need a Kindle in order…

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Why Can’t I Get the Images in My Kindle Book Centered?

I received the following email from Tom Bills, asking for help with a problem centering the images in his Kindle book. Hi Rebecca, My friend Jonathan Milligan suggested that I contact you with a question I have regarding images in a kindle book I’m trying to publish. He said that you might have a quick idea of what is causing my…

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PCC 005: Understanding Kindle Publishing Options [Podcast]

podcast, why start a podcast, podcasting tips, benefits of podcasting

This episode of the Professional Content Creation Podcast was inspired by one of my clients. In addition to offering Kindle editing and formatting services, I also provide Kindle consultation phone calls. As I was recently going over the various Kindle publishing options with one of my clients, the thought came to me that my podcast…

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Pros and Cons of the KDP Kindle Select Program

Pros and Cons to the KDP Select Program

  One of the decisions that authors who publish Kindle books have to make is whether or not to enroll in KDP Select. In order to know whether or not it’s the right option for your Kindle book, you need to understand what the program is, as well as the pros and cons of enrolling…

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Why NOT to Publish a Kindle Book

hire help for your blog

As someone who offers Kindle related services, it’s no surprise that I feel there are benefits to publishing a Kindle book. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t also admit that there are some downsides to publishing a Kindle book as well. Below are the primary reasons not to publish a Kindle book.   1. …

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How Much Does it Cost to Publish a Kindle Book?

cost to publish a kindle book

The short answer is that it cost zero dollars to publish a Kindle version of your book on Amazon. However, if you really want your Kindle book to have a professional edge, it’s good to invest some money in areas that either you don’t have the time or the ability to do well. As an…

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Advantages of Publishing a Book on Kindle

Most of us grew up reading books like this. Kindle and other ereaders may change what this looks like in the future.

Kindle offers aspiring authors a way to becoming published in record time, at minimal cost. Here are some of the top reasons for publishing your next (or perhaps even your first) book on Kindle. 1. Kindle books are great for lead generation. Although you can certainly make money selling Kindle books, many authors publish books…

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