The Power of Blogging Rituals: Get Away From Your Office

Jumpstart blogging productivity2

In this post I’m sharing my best writing ritual tips with you. I’ll release a new one each week for over the next five weeks. Here’s a listing of each section of this post. To jump to the desired section, simply click on the link. 🙂 Part 1: The Power of Blogging Rituals Part 2:…

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Which of These Content Creation Problems Do You Struggle With Most?

Problems creating content

  What’s the biggest problem that you have when it comes to creating content? Or do you breeze through blog and article creation with joy, no sorrows or troubles, and great enthusiasm? Chances are that you found my blog because you need help with writing web content. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. 1,000…

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5 Great Places to Create Content

Great Places to Create Content

If you’ve determined that you need content for your website, blog or newsletters, you need to either hire someone to write the content for you or you need to create it yourself. If you’re going to create content yourself, you may want to think through ideal places to do your content creation. Here are a…

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Why You Should Have Your Blog Reviewed

how to improve my blog

Most of the time when we think about hiring help for our blog, we think about hiring people to write, edit, upload, promote on social media, and so on. All of those are great ways to get help, but there is one other way that I’d like you to consider, and that is hiring someone…

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How Technology Can Boost Blogging Productivity

How Technology Can Boost Blogging Productivity

Technology can be a big time suck. You sit down at your computer to write, and before you know it, you’re reading email, or watching videos on Facebook. The great news is, when used correctly, technology can also be used to increase your productivity. Here are some of the ways that you can use technology…

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PCC 010: How to Build a Platform from Scratch with Michael Hyatt

In this episode of the Professional Content Creation Podcast I interview Michael Hyatt, author of Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. His blog, is ranked by Google in the top one-half percent of all blogs with more than 300,000 unique visitors each month. His Podcast, This is Your Life is downloaded by more…

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Google Analytics for Regional and Local Businesses

Google Analytics for regional and local businesses

  If you’re using content to market your business and your business is focused on a specific geographic region, it’s important to look closely at where your site visitors are coming from and what they do once they get on your site. This is especially true for local businesses, but can also be true for…

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How to Blog Consistently When You Don’t Have Time

Not enough time to blog

Small business owners like you – and like me – never seem to have enough time. This is especially true for solopreneurs, and those with very small teams, since if you don’t do whatever needs to be done, it likely won’t happen. Here are a few tips for blogging consistently, even when you don’t feel…

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5 Things to Consider When Setting Your Content Marketing Goals for the New Year

Content marketing goals

Are you a small business owner who is trying to figure out your content marketing goals for the new year? If so, considering these five things will help you make the best decisions. 1. What are you trying to accomplish through content marketing? Are you hoping to drive more traffic to your site through the…

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The Perfect Gift for Content Marketers to Give to Their Readers

Blog posts as gifts for effective content marketing

  I have a question that I want you to ponder, especially as you plan your content marketing goals for the coming year. The question is, why are you blogging for your business? I hope that you’re blogging because you understand the power of content marketing, and want to grow your business in part through…

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