A Sample Blogging Routine for Bloggers with Limited Time

How to be a content creation machine without blowing a fuse

In my book, Blogger’s Quick Guide to Writing Rituals and Routines I debated about whether or not to provide any sample writing routines, because in my view, a writing routine is a very personal, individualized thing, and I don’t want to suggest that there is one right way to do things. Having said that, I…

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The Importance of Setting Up a Blogging System

blogging checklist

Do you have a blogging system? More and more I’m becoming convinced that having systems in place is one of the best ways not just to get things done, but to get them done efficiently AND correctly. So what exactly is a system? According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a system is “a group of related parts…

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How to Use Word Count Goals to be a More Productive Blogger

word count goals

You can find lots of ways to stay motivated. One way that has worked well for me is to use a daily word count. Having a specific word count to shoot for each day keeps me on track.   It is, however, difficult to know how to choose a specific word count goal when you…

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New to Blogging and Feel Like You’re Not Ready for a Team?

Today I have a guest post featured on ChadRAllen.com titled, “Why Even New Bloggers Should Make Building a Team a Priority.” In this post I answered common questions and concerns that newer bloggers have when it comes to building a team for their blog. Here are the questions that the post covers: What are some…

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Overwhelmed by Blogging? Here’s How to Get Help!

I’m pleased to announce that today I had two guest post published that are sure to provide you the help you need if you feel overwhelmed by blogging. The first post, published on my good friend Nina Amir’s blog, How To Blog a Book is 5 Blogging Tasks You Can Easily Outsource. If you aren’t…

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How to Blog Faster and Better with the Help of a Team (Part 2)

blog faster and better part 2

In last week’s post I covered the following 10 questions regarding how to blog faster and better with the help of a team: How do you describe, “team”? What do you say to bloggers who say they can’t afford team members? What are some examples of unpaid team members? What are some examples of small…

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How to Create Really Cool Images for Your Blog Using Double Exposure in PicMonkey

how to make cool double exposure images using picmonkey

Images are a really important element of blogs. I’ll be honest. I’m not the best when it comes to graphic design. I’m overwhelmed by the thought of learning a program like Photoshop. Canva is a great alternative, but my hands down favorite image creation and editing program is PicMonkey. When you watch the video below,…

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How a Messy Work Environment Hampers Blogging Creativity and Productivity

why bloggers should clean up their work environment

Look around your blogging space. What do you see? Do you have a place for everything and everything in its place? A messy, disorganized workspace robs you of creative energy and is distracting. An organized work environment will open you mind and calm your spirit and allow you be more productive.

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Blog More Consistently by Writing the Same Time Every Day

set a time to blog

I’ve long been a fan of writing rituals and routines. In the same way that rituals and routines can help you blog more consistently and productively, writing the same time every day can help with that as well. This is true because any time you do something consistently, it becomes more automatic, and you don’t have…

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The Best WordPress Editorial Calendar, Ever (CoSchedule Review)

coschedule editorial calendar review

If you have a blog (and I believe you should!), having an editorial calendar is a must. There are multiple types of editorial calendars. You can use everything from a spreadsheet to a Google calendar, or even a Word doc. There are even some free WordPress editorial calendar plugins. Those options work fine if you’re…

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