Jumpstart Your Blogging Productivity by Getting Away from Your Office

Jumpstart blogging productivity2

If you’ve fallen into a rut with your blogging and you just can’t seem to get into the groove with it, a great way to jumpstart your blogging productivity is to change your scenery.   For example, I usually write blog posts at my desk in my office, and while that works for me, sometimes…

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The Best Online Businesses for Introverts

The best online businesses for introverts

As an introvert, I thrive on alone time. Sure, over the years, I learned how to “function” in an extroverted world, but it wore me out. Almost four years ago, I made the decision to quit my job and making a living in the quiet and privacy of my own home. While I can’t say…

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WordPress.org Vs. WordPress.com

wordpress.org vs. wordpress.com

You may be thinking about starting a blog. Or perhaps you have already started one, but aren’t sure that you’re using the best platform. Regardless of your specific situation, one thing you’ll need to figure out is whether to use WordPress.com or WordPress.org. WordPress.com and WordPress.org look very similar, but are actually very different.

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Understanding the Difference Between Hosted and Self-Hosted Blogs

understanding the difference between hosted and self hosted blogs

When setting up your first blog, one of the decisions you’ll need to make right away is whether or not to go with a hosted or a self-hosted blog. Understanding the pros and cons of each one is important. This post will help you understand the difference between hosted and self-hosted blogs, and from there…

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How to Blog Consistently the Easy Way

how to blog consistently the easy way

Blogging can be hard. It’s even harder to blog consistently. The good news is, there ARE ways to make it easier! In this post, I’ll share my tips and tricks for blogging consistently the easy way!

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5 Blogging Rules You Should Break

5 blogging rules you should break

I’ve come across many bloggers who seldom publish blog posts. The worst part about this is that this isn’t because they’re lazy and don’t have anything to say. Instead, the problem is that they get hung up on the “rules” of blogging to the point that it shuts them down. You’ve probably heard the saying…

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6 Blog Tips and Tricks that Actually Work

blog tips and tricks that actually work

Blogging consistently can be a big challenge, but these 6 blog tips and tricks make it a lot easier! #1: Use Timers  I first started playing a game of “beat the clock” to help me clean up the house in a hurry. Since then I’ve harnessed the power of timers in many different aspects of my…

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Stop Procrastinating, Start Blogging!

stop procrasting start blogging today

Have you been “thinking about” starting a blog? If so, it’s high time to simply stop procrastinating and start blogging.   Here are some things to keep in mind as you embark on the blogging journey.

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7 Steps to Take When You Don’t Feel Like Blogging

7 steps to take when you don't feel like blogging

I love to write. . . except when I don’t. Even through writing to a large degree comes naturally to me, there are times when I just don’t feel like blogging.   At the same time, I know that blogging is an important part of growing my business, so I need to be consistent. There…

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Get More Blogging Done with the Help of a Blogging Buddy

Get more done with the help of a blogging buddy

Long ago I worked for a company where many writers wrote 10 or more articles per day. You didn’t have to do that, but there was a large pool of article assignment to choose from, and as long as you were able to write fast, you could make decent money writing for this company. But…

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