How to Come Up With Blog Post Ideas Using Almost Any Object

how to come up with blog post ideas

What do cars have to do with blogging? A lot, actually. It’s all a matter of how you look at things.

When I’ve polled people to find out their biggest blogging challenges, a common problem that people have is coming up with ideas of what to blog about.

The good news is, when it comes right down to it, blog post ideas are everywhere we look, including every day objects.

Here are some tips for finding blog post ideas using almost any object you see at any given time.


1. Pick an object, ANY object.

Don’t think too long and hard about it — just select any object that pops into your head, or that you see in front of you.

2. Jot down the parts of the object.

As an example, a car has tires, a steering wheel, brakes, mirrors, an engine, etc.

3. Make a quick list of what the object is used for.

Again, using a car as an example, a car is used to transport people. It could be used to get you to work, to take a vacation, to go visit a friend, etc.

4. Jot down problems associated with the object.

Car problems include things such as costing money, breaking down, potentially causing damage to object and injury to people, etc.

5. Then list out all of the possible ways that what you’ve written above relates to your topic.

Whatever you do, in this step have an open mind, even if you think that the object you’ve chosen doesn’t relate to your topic at all.

To prove it to you, I’ll continue on using car as an example, and please note that I have NO idea where I’m heading with this, but I’m so confident that any object will work, I’m willing to experiment in front of you.

Car Parts and How They Relate to Blogging

Steering wheel:

  • What direction are you heading with your blog?
  • How to know it’s time to change the direction of your blog


  • What is slowing down the progress of your blog?
  • Things you need to stop doing in order for your blog to succeed.

Safety Belts

  • 5 WordPress plugins to protect your blog
  • How to keep your blog from being hacked
  • How to avoid blogger burnout


  • How to fuel blog post ideas
  • How to give your blog a tune up

The Body of a Car

  • Sleek blog design elements
  • Blog themes that will turn heads


  • Ways to get people to notice your blog without annoying the crap out of them

I could keep going and come up with numerous ideas using each of the starter ideas above, but I think that you most likely already have the idea, and can apply this same type of thinking related to any object to your own niche.

And remember, when I started this blog post, I had NO idea how cars related to blogging. That’s how easy it is to generate blog post ideas using any object.

Your Turn

In fact, right now it’s your turn to do just that. Without thinking too long and hard about it, in the comment section below, jot down a few ideas of how cars relate to your niche. (Be sure to tell us your niche!)  If you niche is blogging, like mine is, feel free to expand on what I’ve written above. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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