How to Add Elements and Use Themes in Camtasia Studio 8

themes in camtasia studio 8

Camtasia Studio is one of the best — and most challenging — video programs to use. is one of the best places that I’ve found to learn how to do all kinds of things, including Camtasia. The video below is compliments of Lynda, and has some great tips on how to add elements and…

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How to Create Really Cool Images for Your Blog Using Double Exposure in PicMonkey

how to make cool double exposure images using picmonkey

Images are a really important element of blogs. I’ll be honest. I’m not the best when it comes to graphic design. I’m overwhelmed by the thought of learning a program like Photoshop. Canva is a great alternative, but my hands down favorite image creation and editing program is PicMonkey. When you watch the video below,…

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How to Blog Faster and Better with the Help of a Team (Part 1)

how to blog faster and better with the help of a team part 1

In my latest book, Blogger’s Quick Guide to Working with a Team, I dive deep into how to blog faster and better with the help of a team. Here’s an overview of some of the questions that I answer in the book, along with brief versions of the answers. How do you describe “team”? When…

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How a Messy Work Environment Hampers Blogging Creativity and Productivity

why bloggers should clean up their work environment

Look around your blogging space. What do you see? Do you have a place for everything and everything in its place? A messy, disorganized workspace robs you of creative energy and is distracting. An organized work environment will open you mind and calm your spirit and allow you be more productive.

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Blog More Consistently by Writing the Same Time Every Day

set a time to blog

I’ve long been a fan of writing rituals and routines. In the same way that rituals and routines can help you blog more consistently and productively, writing the same time every day can help with that as well. This is true because any time you do something consistently, it becomes more automatic, and you don’t have…

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The Best WordPress Editorial Calendar, Ever (CoSchedule Review)

coschedule editorial calendar review

If you have a blog (and I believe you should!), having an editorial calendar is a must. There are multiple types of editorial calendars. You can use everything from a spreadsheet to a Google calendar, or even a Word doc. There are even some free WordPress editorial calendar plugins. Those options work fine if you’re…

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When Faith and Business Converge

christian business

I’ve long been a Christian, but my website, Professional Content Creation hasn’t been a Christian site, per se. I’ve never tried to hide the fact that I’m a Christian, and if you’re at all handy with Google, you can easily find devotionals and other Christian-based content that I’ve written over the years. But on this…

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Cover Reveal: Blogger’s Quick Guide to Working with a Team

I’m delighted to reveal the cover for my next book, Blogger’s Quick Guide to Working with a Team! I’m really excited about this book because since I’ve been a team member for some of the top bloggers on the planet (Michael Hyatt, Marcus Sheridan, Amy Porterfeld and Pat Flynn, to name just a few) and…

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Jumpstart Your Blogging Productivity by Getting Away from Your Office

Jumpstart blogging productivity2

If you’ve fallen into a rut with your blogging and you just can’t seem to get into the groove with it, a great way to jumpstart your blogging productivity is to change your scenery.   For example, I usually write blog posts at my desk in my office, and while that works for me, sometimes…

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How to Stay Fresh and Create Your Best Content

How to Stay Fresh and Create Your Best Content

Recently my family traveled to the Salt Lake City area to visit my dad. On the way to the airport following our visit, my eight-year-old son asked why the Salt Lake was full of salt water instead of fresh water. My dad explained the Salt Lake has no outlets. Water comes in, but it can’t…

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