Blogging Challenge: Check for Dead Links

This post was inspired by the Problogger eBook, 31 Days to Build a Better Blog

A previous blogging challenge from 31 Days to Build a Better Blog was to write a link post. If you’ve already done that, or even if you haven’t been intentional about it, chances are that you have (or at least should) have links in your blog posts.

blogging challenge -- fix dead links on your blog

Links are great, because not only do they help readers discover more of your content (when you link to other posts of yours, as I did in the paragraph above), they also help them to find additional resources that may be helpful.

Pros and Cons of In-Person Networking Groups

iBlog Magazine by Rebecca Livermore
December 10, 2014

As a natural introvert, I’m a big fan of online networking, compared to in-person networking. But there are some benefits to in-person networking. In this post that I wrote for iBlog magazine, I go over both the pros and cons of joining in-person networking groups.

How to Use SlideShare to Market Your Book

The Future of Ink by Rebecca Livermore
December 9, 2014

In this post that I wrote for The Future of Ink, I provide a 3-part strategy for using SlideShare to promote your book. In short, the 3 points are:

#1: Create an Awesome Presentation Using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides

#2: Include a Call to Action to Buy Your Book

#3: Share the Presentation on Social Media and on Your Blog

You can view the details, images, and a sample presentation on the post that is published on The Future of Ink.