How to Write More Blog Posts in Less Time

how to write blog posts faster

“I don’t have time to write blog posts!” If you’ve ever said that, you’re not alone. In fact, most bloggers – especially ones that are successful entrepreneurs – have incredibly busy schedules outside of any blogging they may do. Because of that, it’s important to learn how to make the most of your time as…

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How to Get the Most out of Online Learning Programs

How to get the most out of online learning programs

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to continually improve your skill set. If you want your business to grow, one of the most important things you can do is to devote time and money to learning. The good news is you can now easily learn almost anything you want without leaving your home or office. Here…

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How to Use OptimizePress to Promote Your Books

If I had to use just one tool for building my business as a writer and author, I would choose OptimizePress. I use aspects of it every single day, and if you’re an author, it’s a tool you should consider using. Here are just some of the ways you can use OptimizePress to promote your…

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Two Book Editing Tools that Save Me Money

book editing tools to help you save money

When a friend saw my Amazon author page, she asked how I can afford to publish so many books. In her experience, the self-publishing process was super expensive, yet for me, it has been inexpensive. One of the biggest ways that I get my books out at a reasonable cost is by saving money on…

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3 Ways People Make Me a Better Blogger

3 ways people make me a better blogger

Blogging is often a solitary endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. Now it’s true that as I’m writing this blog post, I’m sitting alone, and it would probably be hard for me to get it done if I was around other people. This is especially true for me since I don’t concentrate well when…

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How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire Help for Your Blog

hiring help for your blog

I’m a firm believer in hiring help before you desperately need it. The reason for this is that if you wait until you’re desperate, you may make a hasty decision, and instead of hiring the best person (or people) for the job. In addition to that, it takes time to get new team members up…

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Keeping the Lines of Communication Open with Your Blogging Team

keeping the lines of communication open with your blogging team

Perhaps when you hired the first team members for your blog, you dreamed about how much fun it would be and how much more you could get done with the help of a blogging team. If so, you had good reason, because you can, indeed, get more done with the help of a team. But…

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When it Comes to Hiring Help for Your Blog, The Golden Rule Never Goes Out of Style

picmonkey fonts

If you’re hiring help for your blog, it’s important to keep the golden rule in mind. If you ask people what the golden rule is, you may get more than one answer. Some people say that it means that “he who has the gold rules.” Others use the golden rule to mean that you should…

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Tools for Sharing Passwords and Files with Your Blogging Team

Backlinking Tools

In this post I share six tools you can use to share files and passwords with your blogging team. I’ve used all of them with great results. The best thing is that they all are free, or have free options available, so even if you’re on a tight budget, they’ll work for you. All of…

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Make Your Blog More Effective by Creating Processes

how to create processes for your blog

Have you ever created processes for your blog? A process is simply a series of steps you take to achieve a desired result. We all have processes in every aspect of our lives. For instance, most of us use the same process over and over again to make a pot of coffee. We do those…

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